Gardener ordered to tear down his £100 roses planted to decorate ugly fence

A War of the Roses has erupted in Cheltenham, because a gardener has grown his £100 blooms along a fence, which borders an allotment.

The local council has now ordered him to tear them up, even though he says they make the fence look less like a prison camp.

You wouldn't think that anyone would object to growing roses up what is, after all, a pretty ugly fence. Well, you'd be wrong. Because the council asked Keith Barnfield to pull them all up.

People who live nearby keep their gardens looking beautiful, and they'd like the fence to look the same, not full of weeds. Credit: ITV West Country

We approached Cheltenham Borough Council and they now say they may be willing to compromise.

Credit: ITV West Country

In the war of the roses, the House of Lancaster emerged as victors. In this battle, perhaps common sense will be the real winner.