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Local nursery fundraises for Grenfell Tower

Photo: Charlton Nursery

Bristol-based Charlton Nursery has announced a week’s worth of fundraising activity across its nurseries to raise money for Grenfell Nursery, which was destroyed in the Grenfell Tower fire.

The fundraising, which includes a staff sky-dive, sponsored bike ride, crazy hair days and a ‘Tour de Imperial’, sees the nurseries competing against each other to see which can raise the most money.

The activity was inspired by three year old Beattie Waring (pictured) who attends the Bristol Imperial Nursery. Credit: Charlton Nursery

The activity was inspired by 3 year old Beattie Waring, who asked staff what would happen to Grenfell Nursery after the awful events, prompting a discussion.

Nursery staff have worked out a full programme of daily activities with each day centred around a themed thought of the day such as “We are representing Bristol and helping our friends in London” and “There are no limits to what we can do to help others”.

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"Beattie was the inspiration for us to create a full week’s worth of activities to go some way to help a fellow nursery, Grenfell, which has lost everything. Involving everyone helps our children understand how important it is to help others just like them, and that there are things even the smallest amongst us can do to contribute.

As well as being lots of fun, each day’s planned activities also has a clear message at heart, which allows us to talk about events like the Grenfell Tower in an age-appropriate way. We are keen to bring our community nurseries together to help the Grenfell community which has been so deeply affected by this awful tragedy."

– CEO and Founder, Helen Nott

Grenfell Nursery had been due to celebrate its 30th anniversary at the end of June.

After being completely destroyed by the fire, the nursery are currently looking for new premises as well as trying to cover the cost of replacing all equipment lost, including toys, furniture, stationery and technology.

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