'Drugs, bullying and assault' at Wiltshire prison

A Wiltshire prison has been criticised for high levels of drug use in a damning report by its own inspectors.

Tobacco smuggling, poor conditions and a lack of experienced staff are all problems that have been identified at Erlestoke Prison near Devizes.

The report says "many" prisoners have been treated for side effects from the drug Spice, with some having to be taken to hospital.

The Ministry of Justice says Erlestoke is already addressing a number of the concerns, including more drugs testing.

They're also overhauling the prison system.

A critical report released by its own Independent Monitoring Board. Credit: PA

The report says drug use at the prison near Devizes is continuing.

Yesterday, a separate report from the Prison and Probation Service downgraded Erlestoke's rating from a '3' meaning it was meeting the majority of its targets, to a '2', meaning its overall performance is of concern.

Debt, bullying and assault within the prison is also highlighted as an issue due to tobacco smuggling.

A lack of experienced staff is also a problem.

Last year a disturbance at the prison saw 130 inmates transferred to nearby jails after two wings were put "out of commission".