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Womad comes to Wiltshire

Photo: ITV West Country

The country's largest World music and arts festival is taking place in Wiltshire.

The WOMAD festival is renowned for featuring a massive lineup of performers and artists from around the globe, including Zimbabwe, Pakistan and Colombia.

The festival attracts musicians from all over the world. Credit: ITV West Country
Credit: ITV West Country

Thousands are expected to attend at Charlton Park near Malmesbury over the next three days.

Headline acts include South African acapella group, Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

As well as music there are a range of classes and workshops. Credit: ITV West Country

The unique blend of culture and colour has people returning year on year.

Ghanaian Abass Dodoo has been teaching drums at the festival for a quarter of a century.

He says that drumming helps people to come together.

"Drumming is a really powerful thing. A lot of people don't know about it but it unites people, brings people together and also it makes you forget about your problems and it's fun."

– Abass Dodoo

WOMAD is about more than the performing arts and there are a range of educational exhibits for the crowd to enjoy.

The festival is expanding its catalog every year with this year's crowd able to learn about physics at a series of lectures.

This year's festival includes a series of science lectures. Credit: ITV West Country
The Human Book stall offers the chance to listen to people's life stories. Credit: ITV West Country

WOMAD continues tomorrow.