Cornwall Hugs Grenfell: a hundred fire victims set to 'make new memories' with donated holiday

More than a hundred people are set to come to Cornwall over the next few months. Credit: Adam Gibbard Photography

The organisers of a project to give free Cornish holidays to families affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy say they still need help with transport.

The "Cornwall Hugs Grenfell" campaign was set up to try to provide some happy memories for the children who escaped from the disaster, and support the families of firefighters who risked their lives to battle the flames.

More than a hundred people are set to come to Cornwall over the next few months.

This is really about trying to create some new memories for the children. One of the residents said to me 'I just want my children to have done something else before they go back to school, to have some other memories...'

Esme Page, Cornwall Hugs Grenfell
Leaflets are being handed out to local businesses. Credit: Cornish Bird in the Sticks

Hundreds of pledges have been made, from free holiday accommodation, to surf lessons and free ice cream.

Around 15 Firefighter families have already signed up, along with around 80 people who either escaped from the fire or who had to be evacuated from their homes near the site.

The tragedy has affected hundreds of people. Credit: ITV News

But transport is still an issue - and organiser Esme Page is asking for cab companies in London or local bus companies in Cornwall to consider pledging some journeys or free bus passes.

We really some transfers to Paddington in London, and then really for companies to think creatively, what do you need to go on holiday? It could be swimwear, it could be food or meals out in a restaurant.

Esme Page, Cornwall Hugs Grenfell