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Liam Fox denies Cabinet deal on free movement of labour after Brexit

Liam Fox denies there is Cabinet agreement over free movement of Labour post Brexit. Photo: PA

The International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has said the Cabinet has not agreed to a deal to allow free movement of labour for three years after Brexit.

His comments come after Chancellor Philip Hammond said there was "broad acceptance" in Cabinet of a post-Brexit transitional period lasting up to three years.

But Dr Fox, who's also the MP for North Somerset, said that any such move would "not keep faith" with the referendum result.

There appears to be divisions over the UK's exit strategy for leaving the EU. Credit: PA

He told the Sunday Times: "If there have been discussions on that I have not been party to them. I have not been involved in any discussions on that."

Mr Hammond said last week there would be a registration system in place for people coming to work in the UK after Brexit, during the transitional period.

He also suggested that it means many things will look fairly similar the day after Britain leaves the EU.