A boy who allowed his heart operation to be filmed is back home after just three weeks.

Last month Calum Morris from Bradley Stoke underwent his fourth life-saving open-heart operation.

Calum has a rare defect that affects fewer than 1 in 10 thousand people.


babies are born with heart disease.

Calum agreed for his operation to be filmed to help people understand what it is like to have the condition he carries.

The idea also raised money for the British Heart Foundation.

The operation to add a new artificial repair patch to Calum's heart lasted 12 hours.

Calum was filmed preparing for his operation. Credit: ITV West Country

Despite his open-heart surgery, Calum was out of intensive care after just two days.

Over the following weeks he spent time doing art and pottery with the play specialists.

Calum spent time in the hospital play room doing art and pottery. Credit: ITV West Country

Calum is still avoiding vigorous exercise for a few weeks but feels well.

He has visited his school and plans to return full time soon.

Calum is now back home and feeling well. Credit: ITV West Country

Calum's parents, who are relieved, say they are grateful to his surgeon Massimo Caputo.

John and Nicola Morris are grateful to Calum's surgeon Dr Massimo Caputo. Credit: ITV West Country

Without Massimo and his team we wouldn't be here as a family really so we can't really describe the emotions we have towards him and all the amazing staff there.

John Morris