Heavy rain puts dampener on South West tourism as people head indoors

Changeable weather is putting people off camping and outdoor activities. Credit: ITV West Country

An extended period of wet weather is affecting the tourism industry in the South West.

Daily unpredictable downpours since the start of the school holidays mean fewer people are travelling to resorts and campsites in the region.

August is usually the busiest time of year for campsites.

But tourism organisation Visit Cornwall says when the weather is unpredictable campsites struggle because people choose not to book last minute stays.

People are choosing not to camp in case the weather worsens. Credit: ITV West Country

Instead of 'staycationing', tourists tend to head abroad to seek warmer weather.

The first weekend of the summer holidays was the busiest Bristol Airport has ever seen.

Holidaymakers are travelling abroad to seek warmer weather. Credit: ITV West Country

Events across the South West are also being affected by the poor weather.

The annual North Devon show was cancelled because the ground is too wet.

The North Devon show has been cancelled. Credit: ITV West Country

Indoor activities are benefiting from the wet weather, with attractions such as the Blue Reef Aquarium and Wookey Hole caves receiving more visitors.

Aquariums and other indoor attractions have seen an increase in visitors. Credit: ITV West Country

Despite the issues so far bookings in the West country are said to be steady for the rest of the season.

Business owners will be hoping that the rain doesn't wash away any more of their business.

British summer weather is notoriously unpredictable. Credit: ITV West Country