The friends of a man who died last month when he was thrown from the cab of his tractor have started a campaign to get more farmers to wear seat belts.

33 year old Todd Riggs from Holsworthy was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident.

A campaign video urging farmers to take safety more seriously is now being shared worldwide.

Mr Riggs' friends have named the campaign 'Buckle Up For Iceman' - the nickname they used to call him.

The campaign hashtag has gone viral along with several videos. Credit: ITV West Country

Craig Roland delivers a simple message in the video which has gone viral.

Mr Roland also asks farmers to share pictures of themselves wearing a seat belt on social media.

He says the fact the video has been so widely shared is great for farmer safety.

That's the beauty of social media. With the tag and the share each time it's multiplying and getting wider and wider. I've had people message me from Texas, New Zealand, Australia... it's really got around the globe.

Craig Roland
Mr Roland has challenged farmers to share pictures of themselves wearing a belt. Credit: ITV West Country

The campaign is being supported by the Federation of Young Farmers and they have praised Todd's friends for raising awareness of the issue.

Through the horrible tragedy of losing one of our Members Todd, for his friends to get together and put this video together and get it sent out with over 130,000 views so far it's getting that message out.

Nick Creasy, Devon Federation of Young Farmers
The Federation of Young Farmers are supporting the campaign to improve safety. Credit: ITV West Country

The Federation of Young Farmers also say it's important to change farmers' habits when they are driving tractors.

It's changing a culture. In a car, we'd put a seat belt on. Let's do the same when we're in our tractors. Let's buckle up for Iceman and let's make it a safer environment.

Nick Creasy, Devon Federation of Young Farmers
The campaign hopes to improve farmer safety Worldwide. Credit: ITV West Country

Hundreds of people are expected to attend Todd's funeral.

His friends are hopeful that his legacy can be safer practice by farmers across the World.