Week In Weston: The Landmarks

The Tropicana in Weston. Credit: ITV News

The Tropicana landmark in Weston-super-Mare became the focus of worldwide attention thanks to Banksy's Dismaland exhibition.

Well this Winter, there are plans to install a temporary ice rink at the venue.

It's just one of the ways the site is giving new hope to the town.

At the moment the Tropicana is filled with a visiting funfair, but there's growing belief in Weston that the Tropicana could have a permanent future.

Written off for dereliction by the local council not so long ago, it took a government review to save it from the bulldozers.

The new and improved Tropicana. Credit: ITV News

The work that is going on behind the scenes is once again creating a buzz about one of the West's best-known holiday landmarks.

The recent Hazy Days weekend attracted both big-name artists and a sell-out crowd and provided further proof that the Tropicana is a growing go-to arts and events venue.

The recent Hazy Days weekend attracted both big-name artists and a sell-out crowd. Credit: Hazy Days Festival
The Tropicana before and after its regeneration. Credit: ITV News

The council also seem to have faith in the possible future success of the landmark.

It's prepared to support the building while efforts to make its self-financing continue.

Many locals and visitors alike will look on the time when the building boasted the highest diving board in Europe. However, the return of an open air pool is unrealistic.

Banksy's Dismaland smash may have poked fun at the place where he once played but it gave Weston more international profile than money could buy and set the ball rolling for a new beginning.

Banksy's Dismaland display. Credit: ITV News

No-one knows better about the challenges and importance of regeneration than the owners of the Grand Pier.

Gutted by fire in 2008 they spent £39 million restoring what to many is the defining landmark in Weston.

The Grand Pier was destroyed by fire in 2008. Credit: ITV News

Talks between the Grand Pier and the Tropicana continue but the need to add something with new appeal is the ambition.

The resort of Weston knows it must change with the times not only to survive but thrive.

The rebuilt Grand Pier. Credit: ITV News

You can watch Richard Payne's full report on the landmarks in Weston here: