Devon and Cornwall Police have issued a new warning that those taking part in so-called 'tombstoning' are playing with death or serious injury.

The warning is a response to a number of reports that people are still jumping from high cliffs, including Plymouth Hoe, into open water during the school holidays.

Last October, Vincent Wagstaff decided to leap into Dead Man's cove, but was killed, falling onto the rocks beneath him.

Police and Plymouth City Council have brought along new measures to try and deter the jumpers, following the death of more than 20 people over the last decade.

Dutton's Cafe on the Hoe became a popular tombstoning site. Credit: ITV West Country

Dutton's Cafe on the Hoe is known as a popular tombstoning site where jumpers risk scaling the building and often climb near a live electrical cable.

The cafe's owners have said they have had enough.

You know they climb onto our property. They swear at customers. They spit around, sometimes they even change in front og people. So, that's really when it becomes an issue - a garden full of customers, usually families with children. Our customers sometimes get upset when they here that sort of language when they're having a nice dinner."

Justyna Fanous, Dutton's Cafe Owner
TJ Rawding says he still tombstones, only when he is 100% he can. Credit: ITV West Country

TJ Rawding was injured tombstoning in Plymouth two years ago, when he shattered his left leg jumping into shallow water, requiring months of recovery.

Despite his ordeal, he says he still goes tombstoning - insisting you can do the activity in a safe way.

It's just an adrenaline rush. People want to go out with their mates and show off for example, but people are always going to do it, even if there were barriers, people would jump over the barriers to do it.

TJ Rawding, Tombstoner

While for TJ, the risk may be worthwhile ... the warnings from the police and the RNLI remain strong aimed at reducing or ending the number of lives that can be ruined in the pursuit of the ultimate jump

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