Boardmasters organisers thank Stormzy for calming "dangerous" crowd surge

Fans were pulled from the front of the crowd. Credit: Isabel Infantes / EMPICS Entertainment

Boardmasters organisers have thanked Stormzy for stopping his set to calm a "dangerous" crowd surge.

The Cornish music festival was in its final night as Stormzy took to the main stage.

During the grime artist's set there was a surge from people at the front of the crowd.

Organisers say the incident was 'brief' and that Stormzy's decision to pause his set helped calm the situation.

Some fans were then helped over the security barrier by staff.

Some people who were in the crowd say it was a scary experience and there could have been serious consequences.

Some fans were visibly shaken after the incident. Credit: Isabel Infantes / EMPICS Entertainment

Other people say festival organisers should change the way they manage the crowd to make things safer for fans.

Boardmasters combines live music with surfing and skateboarding competitions.

The festival has been held since 1981.