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Tonight: Just how safe is a sun tan?

'How Safe is a Sun Tan?' airs Thursday 17 August at 7.30pm. Photo: ITV West Country
  • 'How Safe is a Sun Tan?' will be airing on ITV's Tonight programme tonight, Thursday 17 August at 7.30pm.

For ITV's Tonight Programme, presenter Kylie Pentelow has been investigating how safe, or dangerous, a sun tan really is.

Experts disagree on how much sun exposure is essentially too much exposure.

However, they all agree on how burning your skin increases the risk of skin cancer.

Sun and skin care has become a multi-million pound industry.

The consumer organisation Which? have been investigating claims of ultimate protections made on some sunscreen bottles.

They have found that price does not always equal protection.

The team also tested one-a-day creams, discovering that many do not live up to their claims and in actual fact, require regular reapplication.

The testing done on the SPF found in make-up products also came back with some surprising results:

Regular exposure to the sun's rays have also been found to have an ageing effect.

Couple Kirsty and Christa are divided in their approach to the sun - Kirsty grasps the first opportunity to score a tan, while Christa avoids the sun under some shelter.

But what impact is it having on their skin?

Find out more about sun tanning and skin cancer on the show tonight.

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