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South West students receive grades for new style GCSEs

Many students say that this year's maths exam was very difficult. Photo: ITV West Country

Students across the South West are receiving their GCSE grades.

The current year-11s are the first group to complete the new style GCSE courses.

There is often pressure from friends to share results. Credit: ITV West Country

This is the first year where students will receive a numbered grade in some core subjects.

Instead of being marked from A star to G, pupils will be graded from 1 to 9, with 9 being the highest mark for English, Maths and Science subjects.

Many students choose to come into school and pick up their results. Credit: ITV West Country

The grading system is not the only change to GCSE courses.

The way the qualifications are tested is different than in the past, with no coursework and the whole grade decided by exams.

There are also no 'modules' in the new syllabus, with all exams taken at the end of the course.

This is seen by many students as more challenging than it was in the past.

Despite the new system results day is still a nervous time for students. Credit: ITV West Country

With the new grading system the way schools are compared is also changing.

Schools will be measured on the proportion of pupils who achieve grades 4 or 5 and above.

Schools' results are being compared differently under the new system. Credit: ITV West Country

Results day is bringing a lot of emotive responses out of students, with many taking to social media to share their experiences.

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Teachers across the region are also consoling students who may not have achieved the grades they were expecting.

Many people have posted messages saying that they will make the most of their results and look ahead to the future.

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Despite the changes to their course compared to past years, the reaction of most students is a familiar sight.

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