The motorbike medics on a life-saving mission

Emergency services across our region are looking at ways to get to accidents on motorways and major roads more quickly.

A group of paramedics from South Western Ambulance Service have been specially trained on motorbikes - so they can be more mobile than a normal ambulance or car.

It is often difficult for ambulances to get to an emergency when there is heavy traffic but a motorcycle can weave in and out of the queues.

It can be quicker for a motorcyclist to get to the scene of an emergency. Credit: ITV West Country

The police have teamed up with South Western Ambulance Service's motorcycle paramedics - to get to incidents on motorways quickly.

Scott King is one of four, who ride these mini ambulances across the region.

The bikes have a scaled-down version of the kit carried by rapid response cars. Credit: ITV West Country
Credit: ITV West Country

The specialist unit, a team of four paramedics, all with advanced motorcycle response training, base themselves throughout the region at strategic points on the major roads and motorways and can deploy at a moment’s notice, particularly at peak and busy times.

They can also mean an end to long road closures as they can immediately assess the nature of the incident.

Credit: ITV West Country