One-armed biker set to compete in one of World's most dangerous races

Chris Ganley says he wants to compete in the TT in 2023. Credit: ITV West Country

An Army veteran from Clevedon who lost an arm in a motorbike accident is now training to compete in one of the deadliest races in the world.

28-year-old Chris Ganley wants to become the first ever one-armed biker to race in the Isle of Man TT.

Cari Davies went to Castle Combe circuit to see him in action:

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Mr Ganley served two tours of Afghanistan but in 2014 a motorbike accident almost killed him.

He lost his left arm in the accident.

Mr Ganley served on the front lines during two tours of Afghanistan Credit: Chris Ganley

Mr Ganley says despite the injury he was back on his bike six months after the crash.

He now races using a modified bike.

The 28-year-old competes in the Thundersport GB Championship and took third place in his first track race.

It was amazing it really was, and it's given me more of a bug to keep at it.

Chris Ganley
The bike Mr Ganley uses has been modified. Credit: ITV West Country

Now the Mr Ganley wants to be the first to race the Isle of Man TT with only one arm.

The TT is a notoriously difficult road race.


Isle of Man TT racers have lost their lives in the past decade

Despite the challenges that he faces to compete in the race, Mr Ganley says he is mentally prepared.

I think it's just trying to be the best you can. this is my sport so I will train for as long as I need to to get to the highest goal that I can and for me the highest goal is the Isle of Man TT.

Chris Ganley

Mr Ganley has set himself a target to complete the Isle of Man TT in 2023.

Chris is now raising money so he can set up a disabled racing team, giving other disabled riders the chance to compete.