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Raccoons stolen or illegally released from Tropiquaria zoo

Archer raccoon remains at the zoo. Photo: Tropiquaria zoo

A zoo in west Somerset has put out an appeal after two raccoons were released, or stolen, from their enclosure illegally.

The raccoons, Bowser and Wookie, were taken out on the evening of the 28th of the August.

Managers at the zoo say half a tank of petrol was also taken from a car in the car park, but they are unaware if both incidents were related.

The raccoons had only recently arrived at Tropiquaria and we have not yet had time to get to know them properly, because the latest Badger Cull has just started we are obviously increasingly worried for their safety, as they are a little badger like in appearance, particularly in reduced light.”

– Chris Moiser, Director at Tropiquaria

The animals are described as wild, but not dangerous. However, if they are grabbed, they may bite to defend themselves.

Anyone who sees the raccoons is advised that to merely observe and if possible, lock them in an outbuilding and call Tropiquaria immediately on 07751 363198, or Avon & Somerset Police on 999, quoting reference number 5217197290.