A woman has come under scrutiny after leaving three of her dogs alone in a white van on Monday, which was recorded as the UK's hottest August Bank Holiday on record.

The owner had driven the van to the annual Newlyn Fish Festival in Cornwall. The dogs were left in a cage, filled with cushions and covered with a blanket.

Temperatures reached highs of 24 degrees in the region.

A passerby who runs a dog-walking service, noticed the dogs in the van and with permission from the police, went in to release the dogs, who were then given water.

Reports suggest the woman could now face animal cruelty charges.

Pet owners are being warned of the dangers of leaving pets in their cars in the hot weather.

According to the RSPCA, one study found that when the outside temperature is a mild 22 degrees celsius, the inside of a car can reach 47 degrees celsius in under an hour.

The dogs were given water after a passerby released them from the cage. Credit: Pams Paws

Even with the window open a little, or when parked in the shade, a dog's life can be in danger.

Animal welfare organisations say pets can overheat in high temperatures, leading to organ failure and even death.