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Boy injured while tombstoning saved by air ambulance

The Devon Air Ambulance has been called to a beach in Torquay after a boy was injured jumping from the rocks.

The coastguard say they received reports of a 14 year old who had fallen off the cliff at Redgate Beach Tuesday afternoon.

It was reported he had sustained spinal injuries.

The Air Ambulance, RNLI and coastguard were all involved in safely transferring the boy to hospital.

The RNLI helped to transfer the boy to the port. Credit: Torbay Coastguard

The air ambulance dropped off a paramedic who assessed the casualty.

Teignmouth Lifeboat then took the boy to Torquay Harbour where he was transferred into an ambulance.

The boy was transferred into an ambulance at Torquay Harbour. Credit: Torbay Coastguard

The Torbay coastguard say the boy had been tombstoning into the water around Redgate Beach.

Tombstoning involves jumping from cliffs into the sea and can have deadly consequences.

Torbay Council has provided information about tombstoning on its website in an attempt to discourage people from the dangerous activity.

Watch footage of the rescue helicopter landing: