Sir Terry Pratchett's unpublished works squashed by steamroller

The hard drive will be included in an exhibit of Pratchett's works. Credit: PA/Rob Wilkins

Unpublished works by the late author Sir Terry Pratchett have been squashed by a steamroller at the Great Dorset Steam Fair.

Pratchett, who died in March 2015 at the age of 66, had requested the unique method of destroying his work.

Rob Wilkins is managing Pratchett's estate and carried out the bizarre request.

Pratchett had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2007 and it's though he did not want his unfinished tales to be released after his death.

Mr Wilkins shared another picture of the destroyed hard drive shortly after it had been destroyed.

Mr Wilkins even made a joke about the event, imagining how millions of Pratchett's fans would react to his work being destroyed.

Pratchett's wish to have his unfinished works destroyed in such an unusual fashion will not surprise fans of his work.

Many will also appreciate the irony of his work being crushed.

His most famous creation is a fictional universe called Discworld that is totally flat.

Pratchett has a huge fan base amongst fantasy readers. Credit: PA

The crushed hard drive will now be handed to the Salisbury Museum to be included in an exhibit that explores Pratchett's works.

Mr Wilkins says the hard drive and other memorabilia will be a fitting tribute to the author.