Magnifying glass causes fire in Dorset pensioner's home

Burn marks on the table offer a constant reminder of the incident. Credit: ITV West Country

Firefighters have issued a warning after a magnifying glass started a fire in a Dorset pensioner's house.

An 82-year-old woman, who does not want to be named, had to be rescued by neighbours from her Portland home.

The magnifying glass was left on the table by the window. Credit: ITV West Country

The pensioner is partially blind and uses a magnified piece of glass to help with reading.

It is thought the fire was caused by sunlight focused by the glass onto an empty egg box on the kitchen table.

The magnified rays heated up the cardboard box until it caught fire.

The woman's daughter says people should be more aware of potential fire hazards.

Fire and Rescue services advise against putting any curved glass objects near windows.

They say fish tanks, ornaments and snow globes are all possible fire hazards.

People are also being urged to check smoke detectors regularly.