Wheelchair dance club flourishing in Exeter

All kinds of dances go on here, from the Waltz, to the Boogie! Credit: ITV News

A club in Exeter which hosts a weekly wheelchair dance says they're attracting dancers from across the South West - and now boast more than fifty members.

The sport was pioneered almost five decades ago and has become one of the most popular sports for disabled athletes.

The main focus is on socialising and having fun - though some members train for competition. Credit: ITV News

The Isca Wheelchair dancers are now celebrating their seventh year - with participants coming as far as Cornwall and Somerset.

People can take part in a huge variety of dances from the Waltz...

Credit: ITV News

to the Boogie....

Credit: ITV News

and even that old favourite, La Macarena!

Credit: ITV News

Natasha Cole founded the club back in 2010, as a place for those with disabilities to come and dance from across the region.

She says the emphasis is on inclusivity

People travel from far and wide to take part. Credit: ITV News

Some train and aim to dance competitively, but the emphasis is on taking part and socialising.

Alisa Spackman says that meeting people is one of the joys of the class.

The group receives support from the Big Lottery fund, allowing them to expand and include new members.

They hope it will allow them to keep spinning their wheels and strutting their stuff for a long time to come.

You can watch Nick Smith's full report below, including the moment he asked a couple a rather dangerous question... who's the better dancer?