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Sand artists transform Somerset beach

The completed sculpture is 400ft wide. Photo: Lesley Curwen and Stuart Dike

A group of sand artists have created intricate designs on a Somerset beach as part of what they believe is the "largest land art project in the World".

The 'Sri Yantra Project' is a global collective of artists who are creating sand sculptures depicting a Hindu symbol.

Artists from the project spent Saturday afternoon marking out the first symbol on Brean Beach.

Drone footage credit: Matthew Williams.

the width of the completed sculpture.
Most of the sculpture is formed of raked sand. Credit: Lesley Curwen and Stuart Dike

The project say the symbol holds 'powerful creative potential'.

The Sri Yantra is an ancient sacred geometry representing the union of the Sacred masculine and Sacred feminine energies which are the foundation of all creation.

– Stuart Dike, The Sri Yantra Project
8 hours
time taken to create the design

As well as creating the shape on the sand, music and prayers were offered in an afternoon of celebration.

A worshipper uses a Tibetan bowl as part of the ceremony. Credit: Lesley Curwen and Stuart Dike

Although the sculpture consists mostly of raked sand, it also has a central flame known as the 'Bindu'.

There are also red roses laid around the flame.

The red roses around the flame represent the Goddess of the Sri Yantra. Credit: Lesley Curwen and Stuart Dike

The people behind the project say they are inviting sand and land artists around the world to create Sri Yantras.

This superb sacred geometry has never been created simultaneously around the world by artists who use the landscape as their palette. The idea is to offer this symbol with the intent that it may help to create a harmonising effect and serve humanity in these troubling times.

– Stuart Dike, The Sri Yantra Land Art Project

You can find out more about the Sri Yantra Project on their Facebook Page