Campaigners urge for wider consultation before council considers closures of Bristol libraries

Credit: ITV West Country

Campaigners fighting to stop the closure of nearly two-thirds of Bristol's libraries have told ITV News the city will suffer 'irreparable' cultural damage if the cuts go ahead.

Just 10 of the current 27 libraries will survive if the council's proposals are successful.

Bishopston library is also threatened with closure, surprising many of its users, as it only opened six months ago.

Henleaze library has 6,500 regular users, but is also on the endangered list.

Credit: ITV West Country

The public consultation is due to end tonight, 5 September, but there are calls for more time and alternative options to be considered before a final decision is made early next year.

The council says it wants to save £1.4 million with the biggest ever cull of library services, as the council is currently £100 million in debt.

Credit: ITV West Country

Three options have been proposed but each propose 17 closures, with only the central library is safe, and some, like the one in Redland, would be closed under all 3 options.

Libraries have always been free, but some believe keeping them open may now just need to come at a cost.

Credit: ITV West Country

Much of the land on which many libraries stand has prime development potential, which, if realised, would dash hopes of any future re-opening.

Campaigners say they need more time and a wider consultation before it's too late.