Large cache of guns discovered by father and son in Somerset river

Credit: ITV West Country

A father and son who went magnet fishing in a river got a surprise when they found a cache of 12 guns and over 20 gun parts.

The guns found by 43-year-old Neil Hopkins and 13-year-old Billy included a US civil war pistol, an AK-47, a 19th century musket and two M16 assault rifles - used by the provisional IRA called 'The Widow Maker'.

The items were found on Friday, 1st September in the Grey Lake at Kingsweston Sluice, near Street in Somerset. It took the pair over four hours to haul the gun parts out of the water.

Dismantled into about 20-30 parts, the items had been badly rusted.

This follows a discovery in February 2015 of similar items in the same river also by James Corks who had also been magnet fishing.

The guns are believed to originate from weapon factories that operated during WWII. Credit: ITV West Country

Avon and Somerset’s force armourer confirmed the badly rusted parts from the 2015 find were thought to date back 50-60 years, meaning they did not contain Kalshnikovs and Uzis. They were taken to the force armoury where they were destroyed.

Although, it is believed that this is the same case, the weapons will first be examined by the armourer, before also being destroyed.