New musical celebrates the life of Wurzels singer

Andy Ford plays the part of Adge Cutler. Credit: ITV West Country

A new musical charting the life and times of Alan 'Adge' Cutler, who became a household name thanks to his role as frontman with The Wurzels, is entertaining audiences in Bristol.

Drink Up Ye Cider tells the story of Adge's rise to fame and the tragic car crash which caused his death at the age of just 42.

Somerset born and bred, Adge was known for his songs and his dry sense of humour.

More than 50 years ago he sowed the seeds of success in the back room of a pub, and the group went on to huge success

He was killed in a car crash in 1974, aged just 42.

He was the originator of regional comedy. His songs were funny and his songs were about Westcountry life. As soon as he started taking them out to the people, they jumped on it.

Andy Ford, who plays the part of Adge Cutler