Dangling diners pay up to £150 to have food and drinks served in the sky in Bristol

Credit: ITV West Country

Food and cocktail lovers are being offered a "high dining" experience.

'Bristol in the Sky' offers breakfast, lunch, dinner or cocktails served "in the sky". 22 diners sit around a table being held up by a crane 100 feet high.

The table will go up six times a day for the next six days over Bristol's Harbourside.

Along with being strapped in with seat belts, along with their legs dangling in the air, diners are offered gourmet food.

However, not everyone is fond of the height, not even one of the chefs:

I was very nervous. Yesterday no one wanted to come near me because i was like, "give me a bottle of wine" I need to calm down my nerves. I don't look down, so I'm just looking up because the moment I look down I'll feel really, not great.

Romy Gill, Chef

Some say the experience could take Bristol's reputation as a "foodie destination" to new heights, especially with different restaurants bringing different dishes on different days.

Prices range from £50 per person for breakfast to £150 for a one hour dinner.

Credit: ITV West Country
  • Watch our reporter, Richard Payne have a try as he dines and reports from the sky over Bristol: