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Anti-Sharia and counter anti-racism rallies planned in Bristol

Photo: PA

A number of rallies and marches are due to take place in Bristol city centre over the weekend and residents are being warned that there may be some disruption.

The 'Gays Against Sharia' rally is set to start at 2pm on Sunday 10 September. Organised by far-right groups Gays Against Sharia UK and British & Immigrants United Against Terrorism, it will take place at Temple Meads station.

A counter protest, organised by activist group Stand Up to Racism, called, 'We Oppose 'Gays Against Sharia'' is set to take place from 2pm, with another demonstration beginning at 1pm at the Water Fountains. A 'Fab Not Fasc' carnival against fascism, will also begin at 11.30am at Queen Square.

Several groups plan to hold events at various locations between 10am and 6pm.

Our priority is to facilitate peaceful protests and a well-rehearsed policing plan is in place to achieve this.

We aim to keep disruption to a minimum and we are proactively engaging with the protestors, local businesses and the wider community to ensure people are being kept informed of any developments that may impact on their daily activities.

Public safety is our main priority and we operate a zero-tolerance approach to any form of anti-social behaviour and disorder. Officers will be robust in dealing with anyone who engages in this kind of behaviour.”