Historic Dartmoor pub destroyed by fire last year is hoping to reopen by Christmas

Restoration work is still underway. Credit: ITV West Country

An historic pub on the edge of Dartmoor that was destroyed by fire is hoping to reopen by Christmas.

The Ring of Bells in North Bovey caught alight in January of last year.

Restoration work has so far cost more than a million pounds.

Seventy firefighters were called to the blaze at the Devon pub.

Despite their best efforts, serious damage was inevitable.

Landlord Richard Edlmann says the village has been "very quiet" since the pub's closure and people cannot wait to return.

Seventy firefighters attempted to control the flames. Credit: ITV West Country

The restoration effort has helped unearth some of the pub's historic features.

This includes stonework around the fire place which fuelled the initial blaze.

Renovation work has exposed much of the original stonework of the building. Credit: ITV West Country

Some of the main beams charred by the fire are still strong enough to remain in position.

The original beams have been declared structurally sound. Credit: ITV West Country

The thatched roof - one of the final stages, has nearly been completed.

Mr Edlmann says he is already impressed by the renovated structure and is excited for its completion.