Stonehenge tunnel given go-ahead by Government

Credit: ITV West Country

A two-mile tunnel near Stonehenge has been given the go-ahead by the Department for Transport.

The tunnel is part of a £1.6 billion A303 upgrade.

The DfT says the changes will support economic growth and tourism in the area.

In 2015 the DfT released a video showing what the area would look like without traffic.

It says a tunnel near Stonehenge will remove the "blight" of cars and other vehicles which currently drive close by to the landmark.

The DfT says removing the road will make the sight more pleasant for visitors. Credit: ITV West Country

The Dft says the project will reconnect the two halves of the 6,500 acre World Heritage site which is currently split by the road.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling says as well as aesthetic changes there will also be major economic benefits from the project.

Chris Grayling says the project will bring quicker journey times and less congestion. Credit: ITV West Country

A public consultation was held earlier this year.

The DfT says the route ensures the Stonehenge World Heritage site will be protected and enhanced for people from across the world to enjoy.

Karen Bradley, Secretary of State for Culture says it's important to preserve a national landmark.

The Department for Transport has held public consultations on the plans. Credit: Department for Transport

Roads Minister Jesse Norman says as well as economic benefits it is important to consider the environmental positives of the project.

The Stonehenge road upgrade is part of the Government's 'South West expressway' project.

Linking the M3 in the South East and the M5 in the South West, the Department for Transport says the Expressway will improve journey times for millions of people.

The Government says it is committed to upgrading all remaining sections of the A303 between the M3 and M5 to dual carriageway standard.