Jude Law spotted in Bath Cinema

Mr Walter says he asked Mr Law to pose for a photo after recognising him. Credit: Connor Walter

Hollywood star Jude Law has been spotted in a Bath cinema.

The two-time Academy Award nominee was recognised by a staff member at the Odeon whilst going to see the movie 'Detroit'.

British actor Law is currently filming the latest movie in the 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' franchise in Wiltshire.

Connor Walter says he had been checking tickets in the cinema when he recognised the famous actor.

Mr Walter's manager told to "keep an eye on" a man with his hood up who was acting suspiciously.

According to Mr Walter, he recognised the star as soon as he saw him up close.

He came to the bottom of the stairs and I tore his ticket, I looked at his eyes and recognised him... I just knew it was him within an instant.

Connor Walter

Mr Walter says he asked Mr Law to pose for a photo when the star left the cinema screen.

He also handed the actor a note praising his movies.

Half an hour later I checked my junk emails and there was an email from him apologising for running off and praising me for being a movie madman too!

Connor Walter
Mr Walter received an email from Law hours after meeting him. Credit: Connor Walter

Mr Law is set to star in the second Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie which is currently filming in Wiltshire.

Other stars from the movie have been spotted around the county in recent months, including Eddie Redmayne who was seen in a pub last month.