17 of Cornwall's communities are amongst the 10 percent most deprived in England according to the Index of Multiple Deprivation.

Cornwall is ranked as the second poorest region in Northern Europe.

The region has more part time, temporary and seasonal workers than the national average.

The mining industry was once a large source of income for Cornwall.

The decline of the industry meant the last tin mine in the area closed nearly 20 years ago.

The end of the tin industry has affected Cornwall's economy. Credit: ITV West Country

Cornwall is reliant on seasonal tourism which means it has much more part time and temporary workers than the national average.

The lack of year-round work leads to lower average wages in the area.

John Hough has 20 years of hospitality experience but is currently searching for hotel work.

A cross section of people are on benefits before they go into work seasonal, and then when the season ends they've got to go back onto it and look for work again and in the winter months there's not a lot about.

John Hough
Cornwall's economy is reliant on seasonal tourism. Credit: ITV West Country

The lack of year-round employment means many people have been left out of pocket.

Mark Phelps is a trained gardener who is struggling to find work.

I am relying on benefits, but I'm not one who wants to live on job seekers allowance for the rest of my life I want to come off of it.

Mark Phelps

Mark says although he is determined to find employment, he is facing challenges.

I've had one interview in January from one employer but they couldn't be bothered to get back to me, which was a bit disheartening.

Mark Phelps
Mark Phelps says many potential employers do not even respond to Credit: ITV West Country

21 year old Aidan Parkyn is beginning his career.

He is a qualified painter and decorator but is living in supported housing after a period of homelessness drifting from sofa to sofa.

I've been looking for work for a good two years now and I can't find anything to be fair. I might find the odd friend job here and there cash in hand but that's not good enough in a sense to have a permanent 12 hour shift job which I would like.

Aidan Parkyn

Aidan says without transport he cannot afford to travel to jobs further from home.

You need travel if you want to get into painting and decorating industry, anything construction really to get into the job you need the van or a car which I haven't got at the moment.

Aidan Parkyn
Young people who are keen to work still face challenges. Credit: ITV West Country

Cornwall Neighbourhoods 4 Change runs a jobs club in Redruth.

At one session more than half the job seekers had been unemployed for more than 2 years.

The organisation says transport is an issue for many people.

There are opportunities, but people have problems getting around, being able to get to jobs being too far away or haven't got the right academic levels or training to get in there.

Emma Wooderson, Cornwall Neighbourhoods 4 Change

CN4C says it is making a difference but there are still many challenges facing unemployed people in the region.

There are a number of activities and support that people can engage in throughout Cornwall at the moment. There are opportunities all over the place but on the other side it's getting around, being able to get to jobs being too far away or they haven't got the right academic levels or the right training to get in there. It's highly competitive now the jobs market - especially if you're in a seasonal area here as well.

Emma Wooderson, Cornwall Neighbourhoods 4 Change