Animals take to the sky as Longleat hosts its annual Sky Safari Festival

Balloons set off towards Salisbury Plain early this morning. Credit: ITV West Country

Longleat says it's annual Sky Safari festival has more balloons in the air than this year's Bristol Balloon Fiesta.

This morning around one hundred took to the sky at the Wiltshire safari park and flew towards Salisbury Plain.

Animals including penguins and lions were launched into the air.

A range of animal-shaped balloons took flight. Credit: ITV West Country

The shapes were unfolded at first light before taking to the skies.

The shapes set off at the break of dawn. Credit: ITV West Country

One notable appearance was Longleat's lion-shaped balloon which they have named 'Simbaloo'.

Lions like Simbaloo the balloon have long been associated with Longleat. Credit: ITV West Country

Flight Director Andrew Holly says the combination of Longleat's grounds and the Wiltshire countryside make this fiesta unique for those taking part.

The festival's setting provided a stunning backdrop to the event. Credit: ITV West Country