A project in Penzance is aiming to help people out of poverty through food.

Whole Again Communities has turned an old cabin due to be demolished into a community hub.

Lizzie Sullivan who created the hub says she is determined to make life better for everyone in the area through food.

She says many people in the area are struggling because of lack of job opportunities.

This is a beautiful place with amazing people there are just not that many job opportunities, and when people don't have an awful lot of money then it's quite tricky to be able to afford food. The definition of food poverty is anybody who can't afford five a day every day and that's a lot of people.

Lizzie Sullivan

Lizzie says she is constantly frustrated by people's perceptions of her home.

This estate gets the reputation of being the most deprived and it's a title that just has so many negative connotations.

Lizzie Sullivan

Lizzie runs workshops at the hub where people can learn to cook.

She also runs an open house on Thursdays where people can get help with a range of issues.

Sometimes people are really distressed because they are short of money, sometimes it's issues to do with social services and the children and all sorts of things, and whilst we're funded for a specific thing, we don't say to people you can't come here because of that we try to say to everybody come and have lunch with us and we try and support people to work with as many organisations as possible.

Lizzie Sullivan
Anyone is welcome at the hub where food is served to the public. Credit: ITV West Country

A team of volunteers who all live at Treneere help run the takeaway nights.

The project says its aim is is to generate enough income to pay volunteers and help them move on into careers using the skills they've learned.

Sometimes I do cooking, I cut the grass here as well, and you get to meet new faces and I mean it's all good really.

Harvey Ross-Nichol, volunteer

Local people say Lizzie's project has not only transformed the cabin but has changed the area.

It's giving it a good name and she's given a good name back to Treneere and yes she's done a wonderful job, great for the community, don't know what we'd do without her.

Local resident
Lizzie says the aim of the hub is to bring the community together. Credit: ITV West Country

The hub says it tries to keep waste to a minimum.

Local families can help themselves to fresh food donations and any leftover food is given away.

Leftover food after the hub closes is given away. Credit: ITV West Country

Lizzie says she hopes to secure more funding to enable her to work with more young people.