Cornish students send pasty into space

Rowe's says the pasty reached an incredible 35,482m. Credit: Rowe's

Cornish students have teamed up with a regional bakery to send one of Cornwall’s most famous exports – the pasty – into space.

Pupils at Hayle Community School launched the pasty as part of a space project they are undertaking.

The project was carried out in partnership with Rowe’s Cornish Bakers.

The pasty was sent to the edge of space on a weather balloon.

Rowe's says the hand-crimped treat reached an incredible 35,482m.

As the pasty flew out of view the students tracked its location remotely. Credit: Rowe's

Students followed the pasty’s location via an on-board tracking device.

Suspended in the stratosphere for approximately 93 minutes and with temperatures dropping as low as -62 Celsius, the pasty returned to Earth completely frozen.

Becci Blackburn from Rowe's and Hayle Community School Head Teacher Andrew Martin offered to taste the pasty which landed on Bodmin Moor.

Ms Blackburn says she hopes the experience inspires the students.

Mr Martin says the experience was "fantastic".

Watch the pasty travel to space and return before being eaten: