Bovine TB forces Paignton Zoo to put down herd of antelope

A total of 10 antelope have been put down. Credit: Paignton Zoo

Paignton Zoo says it has been forced to put down a small herd of antelope because of bovine TB.

The 10 Kafue Flats lechwe - 2 male and 8 female – were put down on advice from the Animal Plant and Health Agency (APHA).

the zoo says it is working with APHA to minimise the spread of disease to other animals.

Paignton Zoo says it discovered 'suspect' material when one of the herd died in May.

The attraction says the process has taken time because there are no validated TB tests available for lechwe.

The zoo says there is no increased risk to visitors. Credit: ITV West Country

Paignton says there is no increased risk to visitors.

The zoo says the cull is the safest option given the circumstances.

Paignton Zoo says as well as preventing the disease spreading to its other animals, it is considering how to stop more cases being brought in by wild animals.