Bristol students are being warned not to walk home alone near water after a night out drinking.

Four people have died in Bristol Harbour this year, making the city one of the UK's most dangerous for drink-related drowning.

Today the Royal Life Saving Society was at a Fresher's Fair, warning new students of the hidden dangers.

The RLS were on board the nightclub boat Thekla trying to reinforce the message that people should not walk alone by the water after drinking.

Bristol's harbourside is the centre of the city's nightlife - bars and clubs line the old docks.

But the water right next to them is deep and cold. Over the past six years, 14 people have drowned in it, four of them this year.

Bars and clubs line the old docks around Bristol. Credit: ITV West Country

The first person to drown in Bristol this year was Deakon Wilkins, spotted on CCTV after leaving Motion nightclub on 14 January. His body wasn't found until 5 February.

That same day, Lewis Ball went missing, after leaving Thekla. His body was found on 27 February.

Abdulkadir Mahahamoud had gone missing on 24 February. His body was found almost a month later.

In April Jason Gurgul went missing. His body was found on 4 May.

14 people have drowned in the past six years in the marina. Credit: ITV West Country

Bristol City Council says it has has moved lifesaving rings, and made ladders more visible to increase safety.

It says it cannot remove all the danger associated with the water.

Bristol City Council says it cannot remove all the dangers associated with water. Credit: ITV West Country

Staff at Thekla have completed lifesaving courses and extra staff are hired to supervise clubbers as they leave.

There are more than 37,000 undergraduates in Bristol this term, many heading out to drink in the harbourside's pubs and clubs.

The key message from the lifesaving event is that alcohol and deep water is a deadly.