Wiltshire teenager's remarkable recovery from locked-in syndrome

Miranda suffered a catastrophic brain haemorrhage. Credit: Family

A Wiltshire teenager is making a remarkable recovery from locked-in syndrome.

Miranda Meldrum, 13, from Bradford on Avon suffered a catastrophic brain haemorrhage which nearly killed her.

It left her unable to move any of her limbs or communicate - even though she knew exactly what was going on around her.

But now she has astonished doctors by starting to move her head, arms and legs.

Miranda's mother, Dr Stella Meldrum, told ITV News:

"I think for a 13 year old child we weren't particularly keen on her just moving her eyes for the rest of her life. We just hoped for the best. We just hoped and were telling her she could do it. And she is doing it.

"She didn't move for four months, then she started moving her eyes a little bit. And three weeks ago things started to wake up. Her shoulder was the first, wiggling around, then her fingers and her head was going. And her legs started moving."

Miranda's recovery has amazed her mother and medical staff. Credit: ITV West Country

Miranda was at home with her mother in Bradford-on-Avon when she suffered severe headaches and loss of hearing on April 25.

Her mum took her straight to the Royal United Hospital in Bath.

She is currently being treated at the Bristol Children's Hospital. She also suffered a cardiac arrest and has undergone four operations.

Miranda is now able to communicate by typing. Credit: ITV West Country

Consultant Paediatric Neurologist Peta Sharples told ITV News that in 20 years of rehabilitation she has never seen a child case of locked-in syndrome.

Miranda hopes to return home for Christmas but requires significant adaptations to her home and equipment to help her recovery.

Her fundraising appeal is at: