Dramatic increase in apprenticeships across the South West

Credit: ITV West Country
  • A blog from ITV West Country Apprentice Siri Thomas

With tuition fees rising by the thousands, the appeal to go to university and end up with more than £40,000 debt is diminishing.

The Government says it is planning to create 3 million apprenticeships by 2020. The number is expected to grow by 59% this year.

Many say going to university and studying for a degree shows you are committed, hardworking and can stick at something for the duration of your studies.

However, in my instance I believe these traits can be shown and portrayed through my 18 months with ITV.

The first-hand experience and idea of having a full-time job was something that stood out to me, as opposed to studying for three years with unnecessary months off and reading weeks.

The universities I researched were theory-based and didn’t involve much practical learning.

I wanted to work in the busy, professional and exciting newsroom. Credit: ITV West Country

Since I finished my A-levels in 2015 I have been applying for various media-based apprenticeships with the idea to get a qualification whilst I gain valuable experience.

With many of my friends applying to University and going through UCAS applications, I was having job interviews across the country with some of the biggest companies in the TV industry.

In the first three weeks of my Junior Journalism apprenticeship at ITV West Country I have interviewed people, written web articles, helped to film, watched live gallery output and been involved with outside broadcasts, receiving the kind of experience you won’t gain whilst studying for a dissertation.

I am proud to be part of the ITV team that creates each broadcast. Credit: ITV West Country

Being a journalist used to generally entail going to university to get a degree. However, here at ITV I will get the qualifications I need to kick-start my career across only 18 months of studying.

When I graduate from my apprenticeship I will be three years ahead of someone that has no experience, my foot will already be in the door and I will know first-hand the ordeals of being a journalist. Something that you can’t teach through a textbook.

You can find more information about ITV apprenticeships and how to apply on the ITV website.