A swimming club in Cornwall has been appealing for donations after flights to their training camp were cancelled when Monarch Airlines went into administration earlier this week.

The North Cornwall Dragons plan to take nearly 60 junior swimmers to Fuertaventura later this month so they can be coached by Olympians.

The flights have been cancelled, leaving the team unable to travel and the young athletes disappointed.

The club created a just giving page in an attempt to raise the funds needed to replace the flights.

Coach Helen Tooley says the children had been inspired by the camp which was an extra motivation to raise the money.

The club has now received good news as Barclays bank has offered to donate the funds for the trip.

"We have received a VISA chargeback claim from the swim club for £11,000 and are aware that the outcome of this process will be after the due date of their event.

"We have taken the decision this afternoon to return £11,000 now while still proceeding with the chargeback. Further to this we will make a gesture of goodwill of £4,000, making a total donation of £15,000.

"With the funds already raised through the Crowd Funding page, we hope this this will encourage further funds to be raised by the community."

These are unique circumstances which North Cornwall Dragon Swim Club have found themselves in. We’re delighted to be able to step in and continue to provide the opportunity for these young talented swimmers to look forward and enjoy their trip of a lifetime.

Barclays spokesperson