Report uncovers inequality facing ethnic minorities across South West

The report has also put areas like housing and education under the spotlight. Credit: ITV West Country

A report hailed by the Prime Minister as a world first has laid bare the continuing inequality facing ethnic minorities across our region.

The report covers a wide range of topics including education and home ownership.

In Dorset - Black people are 19 times more likely to be searched by police than White people - making the force one of the worst for the problem in the country.

Today they told us it is because of the number of ethnic minorities coming in to the county from nearby cities.

The findings have revealed a large disparity in grades achieved at school across the region.

In Somerset 76% of Asian students achieved A* to C grades in their Maths and English GCSEs.

This drops to 63% of White students achieving C and above, and just 50% of Black students.

In Bristol 67% of Asian students, 60% of White students and 48% of Black students achieved A* to C,

Looking at students who got 3 As or better at A-Level - 24% are Chinese, 11% are White yet only 5% of Black students are achieving those top grades.

This is something Amirah Cole from the Malcolm X Community Centre in Bristol is hoping will change.

There is a gap in achievement at GCSE and A-Level. Credit: ITV West Country

This report has also put other areas in the public sector under the spotlight - such as home ownership.

In the South West 71% of people who own their own home are white.

Inequality charity SARI say it is time organisations are being held accountable for their decisions.

71% of people who own their own home in the South West are white. Credit: ITV West Country

Another disparity flagged up by this report has been health and nutrition.

60% of 15 year olds from an Asian background eat the recommended 5 fruit and veg a day - as opposed to just 50% of White and Black communities.

But also interestingly for our region, of people who live in the city and visit the countryside, 42% are white.