Liam Fox re-launches centuries old Board of Trade

The Board of Trade has not met for 200 years. Credit: ITV News

The North Somerset MP and International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has re-launched the centuries old Board of Trade this afternoon in Bristol.

Its aim is to promote trade links in all regions of the UK as we prepare to leave the European Union.

The launch took place at the University of the West of England.

The Board which features ministers and business leaders has not met for 200 years.

Dr Fox says with Brexit approaching now is an important time to reinstate it.

"We need to bring together people with skills and experiences from around the country. We need to get the message of trade out to all parts of the country. We need to understand our regions are different from one another."

Dr Fox says Bristol is a perfect place to hold the first meeting of the reformed board.

"People can see the strength we have in our local economy.

"If you're going to resurrect something that was last in existence 200 years ago where else to begin than in a great trading city that was vibrant 200 years ago and is vibrant today?"

As well as holding talks, Dr Fox visited the robotics lab at UWE.

He says robotics represents a strength in British industry that represents future trade around the world.

Dr Fox says robotics represents future trade that will be exported around the world. Credit: ITV News

Dr Fox also responded to Chancellor Philip Hammond's comments earlier in the week that planes could be grounded on the day we leave the EU.

The Board of Trade will now meet every three months with the location travelling around the UK.