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Warning after potential sightings of deadly Portuguese man o’ war on South West beaches

These were spotted at Downderry Beach in Cornwall on Sunday morning. Photo: Rachael Jackson

The Coastguard is warning beachgoers to stay safe after multiple reports of potentially deadly Portuguese Man o War washing up on beaches in the South West.

It's not been confirmed if these jellyfish like creatures are indeed the Portuguese Man o War, but people are being urged not to handle them.

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The creatures have been reported at several beaches, including Dawlish, Lyme, Charmouth, Swanage, Seaton.

These were spotted by Rachael Jackson at Downderry Beach in Cornwall on Sunday morning.

Credit: Rachael Jackson

Until an accurate identification is made, members of the public are advised to keep away from these jellyfish and report any sighting to the their local council.

Stings from Portuguese Man o War can be very painful and potentially harmful to humans and dogs alike.”

– Aimee Rampton Duty Controller for the UK Coastguard