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Family of boy who died after catching flu urge parents to get children vaccinated

Photo: Family

The family of a boy who died after catching flu, have made a video urging parents to get their children vaccinated this winter.

Three-year-old Sam Morrish from Newton Abbot died from sepsis after getting the virus.

This year's Flu Vaccination Programme has now begun across the South West.

Credit: Family

Sam Morrish was just three when he died.

He'd been very poorly with the flu and then very quickly got sepsis, which cost him his life.

Had he been immunised against the flu, things could have been very different.

The NHS and Public Health England are running an immunisation campaign. Credit: ITV West Country

Sam's parents have created a video using their son's favourite cuddly toy, Monkey, to try to encourage other parents to protect their children against flu this winter.

I think that you really want to try and prevent the same thing from happening to other children and other families.

All we can do is try and make a difference, we can't change what happened to Sam, but maybe we can change what happens for other families.


It is an important message to try to get across and is echoed by NHS England, which has just started its campaign to encourage flu vaccinations.

Last year across the South West just 46.9 per cent of three-year-olds were immunised.

of three-year-olds were immunised last year

Children aged up to eight are offered vaccinations at school.