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West Country landmarks recreated in toast

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol. Photo: Tefal & The Robin Collective

Iconic landmarks across the West Country and the UK have been recreated in toast.

From the Clifton Suspension Bridge to Wells Cathedral, kitchen appliance manufacturers, Tefal have created the first ever toast sculptures of UK landmarks to celebrate a classic staple of British breakfast.

Wells Cathedral, Wells. Credit: Tefal & The Robin Collective

The Toast of Britain includes:

  • Stonehenge, Salisbury
  • Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol
  • Wells Cathedral, Wells
  • Battersea Powerstation, London
  • Blackpool Tower, Blackpool
  • Cowny Castle, Wales
  • Glennfinan Viaduct, Scotland

A spokesperson for Tefal says the toast sculptures were made "very carefully!"

Stonehenge, Salisbury. Credit: Tefal & The Robin Collective

We toasted the bread then did a lot of the trickier shaping of it while the bread was still warm from the toaster and used the moisture from the condensation to help mould it into the kind of shapes we needed.

Toothpicks are a very handy tool to then pin and hold the shapes.

We’d use a blowtorch too to colour some of the toast and add some tone to it.

– Tefal Spokesperson

However, it was not as easy as it sounds.

Obviously the trickiest thing with building out of toast is getting the shapes you need. As you can imagine, a cylindrical turret is not the usual thing that flies out of your toaster in the morning. Some clever modelling pulled it off though!

– Tefal Spokesperson

So what has happened to all that toast now? Let’s just say a few birds have had a very filling lunch.