Bloodhound: not as fast as a speeding bullet

The Bristol-built Bloodhound supersonic car is undergoing its first public tests on the runway at Newquay Airport. It's hope it will eventually break the land speed record at more than 1,000mph but how does that compare with other fast-moving objects and animals?

The world's fastest runner Usain Bolt managed a scorching 28mph Credit: PA
It's a dog's life. The Bloodhound's namesake has a top speed of 30mph. Credit: PA
The cheetah's body is adapted for speed - it's the fastest land animal at 68mph. Credit: PA
Formula 1 cars can make 230mph - this is Frome's former World Champion Jenson Button. Credit: PA
Reach for the sky? The Peregrine Falcon is the world's fastest animal - it can reach speeds of 240mph during dives. Credit: PA
The last Concorde - now in her new home at Filton - once flew at speeds of up to 1447mph. Credit: PA
And the winner is... the speeding bullet at 1,700 mph. Credit: PA