A march is taking place this evening in Bristol in support of victims of sexual assault and street harassment.

The city has some of the highest levels of gender based crime across the UK.

The march comes as the 'me too' hashtag is being shared on social media right across the world to raise awareness of harassment.

Campaign group Bristol ZeroTolerance has conducted a survey to investigate the extent of harassment in Bristol.

It says almost all of those it surveyed said they had experienced harassment weekly or even daily.

The research produced some shocking statistics:


of people said they experience harassment on a weekly basis in Bristol


of people said they had experienced street harassment in the day time


of people who said they had experienced harassment did not report it to the police

According to the study the highest levels of harassment were reported in Easton and St Pauls.

This month Avon and Somerset Police started to include gender or misogyny within their hate crime category.

Bristol ZeroTolerance says harassment is a serious problem in the city and more people need to be made aware of the issue.

We did have women coming to us from across Bristol saying this was a particular problem here which is why we wanted to do this campaign. But the survey results and the information was got from women in the city just show us how big a problem it really is.

Charlotte Gage, Bristol Zero Tolerance

Organisers of the march are hoping it can help generate awareness in conjunction with the online campaign.

The march is set to begin from the fountains in the centre of Bristol at 6pm.