The children treating their local food bank this Halloween

Lewis Tucker is leading a group of young volunteers to collect donations. Credit: ITV News

A group of children in South Gloucestershire have been trick-or-treating with a difference this Halloween.

Instead of collecting sweets, the children from the 2nd Thornbury Beavers have been asking for donations for their local food bank. They have been at their local supermarket and will go door-to-door on the night. It's all the idea of seven year-old Lewis Tucker.

I wanted to be nice to other people. Some people are unfortunate and it gives them more food to help them to survive basically.

Lewis Tucker

Lewis started the idea last year and collected more than 200kg of food for those in the local community. This year he hopes to top that by enlisting the help of his fellow Beavers.

Lewis's Dad says he's proud of the example Lewis is setting.

I'm incredibly proud. It shows how much of a big heart they've got and you don't often see that with kids. So them coming out in such big numbers to do something for somebody else, I think is amazing.

Craig Tucker
The donations will go to the Thornbury food bank. Credit: ITV News

At the food bank in Thornbury, which has seen an increase in users over the last year, organisers are grateful for the donations.

I think it's absolutely amazing that the initiative comes from the children themselves. They've discovered there's a need here in Thornbury and the surrounding area for people who just don't have as much as they have. We had this initiative last year and Lewis, who was one of the ones with Connor has got his Beavers involved today, which is just amazing.

Mair Vaughan, Thornbury Foodbank
The children collected throughout the day in Tesco Thornbury. Credit: ITV News