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Thousands of people have been at Newquay Airport this weekend to catch a glimpse of the car that's hoped one day will reach speeds of 1000mph.

It's the first time the public have been given access to the Bloodhound jet car for a full test run.

Driver Wing Commander Andy Green is aiming to beat the current land speed record in the South African desert within the next couple of years.

"We are running a 5 tonne prototype jet car. We have to concentrate every bit as hard to make sure we give these guys a good show," he said.

As well as seeing the real car in action visitors got a chance to build their own mini rocket cars - part of Bloodhound's mission to fire up children's imaginations.

Lead engineer, Mark Elvin said, ''We want to share with the world what a team we have here and what a fantastic car and we want to inspire children to get into engineering, science, technology, engineering and maths, we want to get these kids excited.''

Next week thousands of school children will be here to see Bloodhound blasting down the runway again - perhaps inspiring the next generation of Andy Green's.