Civil Aviation Authority requests Wookey Hole drone be given protection from witch

There are several legends of a "witch of Wookey Hole". Credit: Wookey Hole

The Civil Aviation Authority, which regulates flying in the UK, allowed a drone to be flown through a Somerset landmark but requested that it be given supernatural protection.

The drone was being used to shoot footage of Wookey Hole caves for a promotional video.

Before the drone flight the Civil Aviation Authority was consulted and asked for permission.

In a letter passing on vital safety information the authority said “We would also advise you take suitable precautions against the influence of the witch.”

Local drone pilot, caver and videographer Jonathan Da’Casto filmed cavers traversing the caves with a camera attached to the drone.

He says the CAA's unusual request was fully complied with.

They weren’t very specific about what precautions so after looking things up we decided the easiest thing was to tape a clove of garlic to the drone. It seemed to work well as there were no mishaps! I’m sure it was a tongue-in- cheek remark and we all had a laugh but everyone who has had to spend time in Wookey Hole Caves knows how spooky it can be.

Jonathan Da’Casto
Jonathan Da’Casto operated the drone. Credit: Wookey Hole Caves

Daniel Medley of Wookey Hole Caves says the drone enabled them to get unique material of people climbing, crawling and abseiling through the labyrinth caverns.

“We took the Civil Aviation Authority’s warning on board and made sure the Witch could cause no mischief around our plans.“Of course the Civil Aviation Authority know all about the witch of Wookey. Around Halloween they’re always on the lookout for flying broomsticks!”

Watch footage recorded by the drone: